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Dwayne posts video of a boy's life-changing moment

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a 'The Rock' posted a video on his Instagram from Erik Gianini's Karate class. In the video, a little boy can be seen attempting to break a cardboard plank that Erik is holding in his hands. The little boy tried continuously but couldn't succeed. Erik, however, did not give up and continued to encourage his student.

Upset, the little boy broke down. But Erik as well as the other students kept cheering him up, chanting, "Beat it!"

Erik can be heard saying "Yes, you can do it. Hit it hard."

And then the boy does it. Erik can be seen erupting in sheer joy even as other students hugged the little boy.

Dwayne Johnson shared this video in his Instagram and captioned, saying "I love every single thing about this video -- a moment that changed this little boy's life forever. From his first attempt to his last, you can literally see the psychological shift in this little boy's mindset. Sensei @gianinibjjstallion never took his eyes off the boy and made sure the boy heard every word he was telling him. Then this entire dojo of kids chanting, "beat it" to support and lift his spirits."