The desire for a male offspring has driven many mothers to unimaginable limits. Another story comes not from the villages but from the bustling Hitech city of Hyderabad in Telangana.

The woman already has three children, girls, but her family and her husband wanted a male heir. Driven to desperation the young woman got in touch with Mannan Baba. At first she thought he would be the answer to her prayers.

 After paying close to three lakhs, in extremely trying circumstances, tolerating abuse from the family members, the baba himself forcing her for sex warning her that her daughters would die if she did not concede to his demands and  a full year later, a Muslim woman from Toli Chowki area had the courage to stand up against her tormentor.

She lodged a complaint against the 35-year-old Mannan Baba, a native of Haryana believed to be witchcraft practitioner and one with a blooming profession in Humayun Nagar. Hoping that the baba would help her conceive a male child through his craft, she approached him and he assured her of his capabilities to do so.  

He lured her by saying that an evil spirit in her was the reason behind her not being able to conceive a male child and that a cleansing ritual worth Rs 1 lakh would solve her problem. Later on after an elaborate ritual he proclaimed she was ready for conception and for the next step another Rs 1 lakh would be required. Thinking this would be it, the woman complied and supplied the baba with  another Rs 1 lakh.

Still, when she found that she was not getting any closer to the promised child, she began doubting him. He kept consoling her saying that she would soon bear a son. The baba realised she was getting anxious so he decided to get more money out of her. He started asking her for sexual favours and said if she refused to submit, her daughters would meet certain death. Now unable to bear the torture both from home and the fake baba, she finally complained to the West Zone DCP Venkateshwara Rao.

The police had to lure him into a trap and then nabbed him on Tuesday when he thought he was going to get money from her.