The Hyderabad police have claimed that they have cracked the sensational shooting case, where Congress Youth leader, Vikram Goud, who is the son of former minister Mukesh Goud was allegedly shot inside his house.

The police has said that the investigations have established that the Congress leader staged the entire incident with the help of hired guns to gain sympathy.

Youth Minister concluded that the entire incident had been a ploy by Vikram to gain sympathy.

Police have established that Vikram Goud took the assistance of his friends to escape the clutches of financiers. Earlier Vikram and his wife Shipali stated that unknown assailants barged into their home and fired at Vikram.

The police grew suspicious of the couple’s claims after neither CCTV footage nor any evidence at the shooting scene could establish that the incident took place.

The investigation revealed that a three-member gang hired by Vikram were staying at a guest house in Jubilee Hills on July 27 morning. But they fled the city after the incident. The police nabbed them in Anantapur and brought them to Hyderabad for investigation.

In the recent Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections, Vikram Goud contested as Mayor of Hyderabad. He spent huge amounts of money in this election and also gave monetary help to some of his candidates. But everyone lost the election and now Vikram is in huge financial crisis.

It is believed that Vikram staged this firing drama to decrease the pressure of financiers and gain sympathy from the people. The police are still investigating the issue to collect all the evidences regarding the shootout. They are trying to trace the gun used in the shooting.

But Vikram’s plan to avoid the clutches of financiers seems to have boomeranged. He is embroiled in additional cases like possession of arms, firing of arms, tampering of evidences and many more. Vikram and his wife Shipali are involved in misleading the police and recording wrong statements.