VH alleges KTR’s involvement in hospital’s refusal of treatment to Nerella victims

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 7:52 PM IST
VH alleges KTRs involvement in hospitals refusal of treatment to Nerella victims
  • Nerella victims hospitalised in NIMS Hyderabad were thrown out of the hospital at midnight
  • Congress senior leader VH Hanumantha Rao allege IT Minister KTR’s involvement in the issue
  • He expressed his grief over refusal of treatment to patients

NIMS (Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences) in Hyderabad threw out six victims of the Nerella torture from the hospital at 10:30 pm refusing to give treatment. When they moved to CARE hospital for treatment, the hospital authorities pleaded with them to leave at 2:30 am. Senior Congress leader VH Hanumantha Rao alleged the involvement of IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao in this dastardly act.

The Nerella victims speaking to the media said that the doctors entreated them to leave the hospital as they received calls from the government instructing them to stop treatment and send them away.

VH grieved that he has never seen such atrocities committed on Dalits and warned Telangana government that Dalits would teach it a lesson. He was also angered by the doctors’ inconsideration as they would have given treatment on humane grounds.

VH planned a fast on the 15th of September against the obnoxious behaviour of Telangana government and doctors. Congress veteran leader Jana Reddy also expressed his anger over the stopping of treatment to the Nerella victims. He warned that they would take this issue once again to the notice of the Human Rights Commission.