The administration of University of Hyderabad on March 23 issued a circular that clearly shows the impact of the suicide of Dalit student Rohith Vemula and its aftermath. The death of this scholar on January 17, 2016, led to nation-wide protest that grabbed the media headlines. 


The new circular has imposed several conditions including the ban on demonstrations as well as gathering within 200 meters radius around the administrative building of the university which is also the seat of the Vice Chancellor Prof P Appa Rao. 


Further, it reads protests should not lead to blockade of road, entry to the administrative/academic building and residential areas on the campus. The university has also decided not to allow protests or gathering near lecture halls, hostels, residential quarters, shopping complex and also ‘Velivada’ the unofficial protest site inside the campus. The university authority has also banned defacing of the walls and announced that boards would be put up for notices and posters, The New Indian Express reported. 


Now, officially only the open ground named, Gurbaksh Singh Maidan, and the open dais near the women’s hostel are allowed to be used for protest. 


During the last year’s protest, the administration building was shut down and was not allowed any operation. The officials had to do their normal functions from a makeshift location.