Two men introduced to each other in a snooker parlour, became friends and turned to thieving for easy money to satisfy their luxurious needs. They studied ways of how to steal and escape in the internet but were caught by CCS (Central Crime Station) when committing a crime in Punjagutta. One man is a BTech graduate.

According to information given by Additional DCP J Ranjan Ratan Kumar on Monday, Mohammad Shamshuddin from Red Hills area in Nampally completed his BTech in a college at Moinabad and is looking for a job. In the meantime he is assisting his father Rafiquddin in his printing business as a computer designer.

Shamshuddin addicted to drugs and a rich lifestyle with girlfriends was unable to sustain his luxurious lifestyle with the limited income and so entered the land of crime along with a friend Mustafa Khan from Muradnagar whom he met at a snooker parlour.

They studied easy means of earning money in the Youtube and decided to go for chain snatching. After watching Crime Petrol series on Youtube and learning the tricks of the trade, Shamshuddin stickered his Red Yamaha into Black.

On October 12 afternoon at 1:00 pm, they went to a fancy shop in Venkataramana Colony in Khairatabad and bought a water bottle. Later, they again went to purchase a biscuit packet and tried to snatch the shopkeeper’s chain.

When the woman tried to resist, half the chain fell down and the culprits fled the scene with the remaining chain. Mustafa gave the chain to his mother and asked her to loan it at a bank and told her that it was her friends and that she needed the money. His mother along with his sister went to Darussalam Bank and got a loan of Rs 20,000. When the bank officials enquired about the broken chain, they told them that it was broken by the children.

CCS Special team inspector V Syambabu after studying CCTV footages identified the vehicle of Shamshuddin to Red Hills area. They then arrested Shamshuddin and Mustafa, took custody of the chain from Darussalam Bank with the receipt found on them and recovered the vehicle and two cell phones from the culprits.

Police are also looking for other crimes committed by the two and are also investigating if Mustafa’s mother is also involved in the case.