The Telangana minister of tourism- Ajmeera Chandulal- is planning to promote  Telangana tourism in a very unique manner. All of it will now be displayed on the body of a Spice Jet Boeing aircraft. Apart from the tourism department logo, text about the various sightseeing spots will also be displayed. Moreover, the cabin bulk heads at both the entry points and the seats will bear advertisements of the travel and tourism discounts offered by the Telangana government.

While unveiling the logo and label of the Spice Jet Boeing, secretary of tourism, B Venkatesham said,"The Boeing flight will be travelling to various states and cities within India and to a few international destinations like Muscat, Abu Dhabi etc, making a minimum of 8 to 10 trips per day." Seeing hope in the tourism sector in Telangana, Tourism Development Corporation, Pervaram Ramulu said that more people are likely to visit Telangana after the two-month promotion by Spice Jet. 

Interestingly, this promotional move will just add another brownie point to Telangana's kitty visa vie its more passive neighbouring state of Andhra. Although, it is still too early to make a clear demarcation that way, especially when Andhra hit the national headlines with its Amaravati design plan, international liaisons and company launches, the initial pictures show the greener grass growing at the Telangana side. 

According to a Sample Registration Baseline Survey 2014, Telangana surpasses Andhra not only in hospitality, finance, education and telecommunication. For instance, the availability of government hospitals in Telangana is 53.7%, while in AP is 27.4%. The rural internet connectivity in Telangana is the second best in the country with 62% of the samples having a Net connection. Moreover, Telangana has the second highest number of ATMs available for the rural population in the country with 63.6%, whereas AP has just 28.8%. Telangana also has the second highest number of graduates with 17.7% visa vie Andhra Pradesh, which stands at 10 per cent. 

Having said that, it is yet to be considered that united Andhra's industrial hubspot-the Hi-tech city belongs to Telangana now, which is helping it at the economic front. Some of the most important sight-seeing spots and tourism destinations also belong to Telangana that is giving wings to the tourism department here. Incidentally, Telangana did not have to start fresh like that of Andhra, which has landed up with almost nothing post division of the state. Andhra may be lagging behind in many ways, but if its beginning is to be considered, its performance is still incredible.