Imagine your significant other asks you to go on a Mumbai-Goa trip and you desperately want to refuse because you don’t have money in the bank. What do you do?

Scenario A: Own up and tell her/him you are broke

Scenario B: Say nothing, agree to it and be miserable

Scenario C: Sabotage your own travel plans without her/him knowing it

Well, if you asked Hyderabadi Vamshi Chowdhary, then he would have chosen option C.  Vamshi was in a financial crunch and his ‘girlfriend’ was pestering for a weekend out to Mumbai-Goa. Unable to own up to it. He thought of a brilliant way out- Why does he not create a situation, such that the plan is only dropped?

So, 32-year-old Chowdhary, sent that hoax mail warning of simultaneous hijack attempts at Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports. The police investigating the situation found the email to have generated from Hyderabad. Cyber crime sleuths traced it to a local cafe in Miyapur.

 The cops have rounded him up and what’s more embarrassing is that Chowdhary is a married man with a daughter and this ‘girlfriend’ of his from Chennai was an extra marital interest of his.

Since he couldn’t manage the funds and he did not want to lose his Facebook friend either, he sent her a fake flight ticket for the journey and also sent the airports this fake letter.

A report on News18 cites that police found Chowdhary was accused in two cyber cases earlier as well. A case has been registered under 66D of IT Act and Sections 419 and 182 of IPC.

The uproar that his letter caused is already known to all. Special anti-sabotage sweeps were conducted  at these airports and security agencies, including the Central Industrial Security Force, enhanced frisking of passengers, baggage scanning, pre-embarkation checks and patrols in the vicinity of the airports.

Imagine! All this because a man wanted to save his face and continue to please his ‘girlfriend’.