Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad allegedly handed over the body of a stillborn baby to the grief-stricken parents in a cardboard box wrapped in some brown papers. The cardboard box was used for supplying IV fluids to this hospital. 

On May 1, Y Sunitha was admitted to the Niloufer Hospital in labour, and she delivered the stillborn child on the next day. However, what shocked the grieving parents was the manner in which the hospital staff handed over the body to them.

It was at the time when the state health minister Dr Laxma Reddy was visiting the hospital for inspection, and the mother of the dead child took the body to the minister to show him how the staff handed over the body to the family.  

The minister was visibly surprised, however, the superintendent of the hospital, Dr Ramesh Reddy, reportedly stated that it was impossible, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

Reddy stated that the body was handed over wrapped in cloth and that the hospital is unaware of where the parents found the cardboard box to keep the child, the daily quoted him as saying. 

However, the hospital authorities have different versions of the incident to share. According to some, the parents were to travel back by bus, and since a dead body is not allowed on a bus, so they kept in inside the cardboard box. Others meanwhile stated that to give a bad name to Niloufer Hospital the parents highlighted the box in front of the minister. 

As of now, no action has been initiated by the minister or the hospital in this matter.