Veteran Telugu film producer V Venkata Ramana Reddy popularly known as Dil Raju is all set to join politics if rumours are to be believed. News says that Dil Raju was invited to join TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) by its chief and CM of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao and that primary talks have already commenced.

Dil Raju’s recent production Fida was shot in the Nizamabad backdrop in Banswada region showcasing Telangana slang perfectly. Dil Raju hailing from Nizamabad has a strong love to the place which prompted KCR to offer Lok Sabha Ticket in 2019 elections, according to sources.

TRS party leaders say that Dil Raju would join TRS if not today, it might be later. They say that’s the reason for his grand Fida success celebrations in Nizamabad. But the TRS leaders are on tenterhooks with this latest news. TRS won in all constituencies in Nizamabad district and if Dil Raju were to contest here then there would be a lot many problems.

But a lot of strategy is being applied in the TRS fold. News is that KCR’s daughter MP Kavitha would contest in Assembly seat in the next elections and if that is the case, then the MP ticket may be allotted to Dil Raju or he may even contest for Zaheerabad MP seat.

The news of Dil Raju joining TRS and that he may contest in 2019 elections gave rise to tensions among TRS leaders in Nizamabad especially Nizamabad Urban MLA Bigala Ganesh and Nizamabad Rural MLA Bajireddy Govardhan. Of the two Bajireddy has greater threat as Dil Raju belongs to Nizamabad rural area.

Even if Dil Raju is given MP ticket in Nizamabad then the sitting MP Kavitha needs to be reallocated and that would again be a problem to some MLAs. But Dil Raju’s political entry would be clarified after Dasara.

If D Srinivas’s family joins BJP, then Dil Raju would be invited to TRS but he may also be invited to prove that DS family does not have influence in Nizamabad district.

Whatever may be the scheming and strategy of TRS, it is likely that Dil Raju is keen to join politics. When and how is a matter of time?