In October 2005, 48-year-old Makuri Shankar went to UAE leaving behind a pregnant wife who gave birth to their son Raju, now 11-year-old. However, after four years in 2009, he was wrongly accused of murdering a man from Rajasthan, sent to jail and was given the death penalty. 


Shankar took up the job of a supervisor at a construction site in Fujairah, UAE. Unfortunately, under his supervision, a native of Rajasthan accidently fell from the 6th floor of the building and died. Then, the local police filed a murder case against Shankar leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction,   


Since then it has been more than 7 years, Shankar is in jail in UAE, and now, residents of a small village in Telangana’s Nizamabad district are making an effort to save the man from the impending execution. 


Degam Yada Goud, a social worker in Nizamabad, has been relentlessly trying to get justice in this case. The deceased family initially asked for ₹20 lakh as blood money but now, after knowing the financial reality of Shankar has agreed to take ₹6.5 lakh. The case was reviewed by a higher court in UAE and Shankar has been given a final chance to evade this execution and settle the case, the Times of India report quoted Yada Goud as saying. 


According to the report, the villagers of the Mendora village are putting together their hard earned money to collect the required funds to give to the family of the deceased man from Rajasthan. 


On March 21, the residents of the village gathered and as per their financial capability contributed money to save the life of Shankar. According to the TOI report, the money required to save his life is ₹6.5 lakh.