Sangeetha, wife of Srinivas Reddy has been fighting for justice and for financial assistance for her two-year-old daughter whom her husband and in-laws failed to recognise and due to which she was publicly harassed and humiliated.

Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao ordered Malkajgiri MP Malla Reddy to intervene and the MP has been mediating between the two families but the talks failed. Srinivas Reddy and his mother Ilamma have been arrested and shifted to Cherlapally Jail.

MP went to Cherlapally Jail to meet Srinivas Reddy on Friday to seek for justice on behalf of Sangeetha. Afterwards, he spoke to the media and said that Srinivas agreed to the demands put forward by Sangeetha.

He promised to carry this news to Sangeetha and make her quit her fast. He expressed his happiness that the issue will be resolved soon.

Former TRS Youth leader Srinivas Reddy had married Sangeetha after he divorced his first wife. When Sangeetha gave birth to a baby daughter he harassed her and married a third time. He publicly humiliated her when he questioned him and the video of his ill-treatment went viral.