Telangana MP and daughter of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, K Kavitha inaugurated different developmental works in Sirpur village of Nizamambad district on Wednesday. In the course of her tour of the village, she faced an emotional and warm welcome from the villagers.

One old woman made her way amidst the throng to meet her. She saw Kavitha, hugged her and blessed her for all her good works. Together they inaugurated the SC Community Hall.

After opening the 33/11 KV Substation in Sirpur, she met handicapped Ijjani Mohan and enquired about his health. She played Bathukamma with the women and heartily shook hands with the school children, took selfies and personally enquired the details of those not receiving pension and handed those to the MRO, she then inaugurated PACS Shopping Complex in Mopal Mandal.

She inaugurated the Kamalapur Substation in Dichpalli Mandal and visited a colony on the request of its youth. She sought the forgiveness of the public waiting for her in the meeting. She also laid the foundation stone to a Cemetery and a Community Hall.

Kavitha spoke to the Sarpanchs and MPTCs in Dichpalli Mandal and enquired about the problems of the villagers. She requested the officials to solve the problems. Her rural trip left the people happy because of her concern and personal interest in their welfare and they showered their affection and respect.