Telangana State Minister for Irrigation, Marketing and Legislative Affairs Thanneeru Harish Rao is known for his humanitarian work amd rescuing people who are in serious need of help. The minister extended help to many individuals in the past.

Harish Rao extended help to 7 year old Sindhe Akshaya suffering from heart ailment since her birth. She had only three chambers in her heart out of the four and the system of separation of good and bad blood was not working properly because of which she suffered breathlessness and insomnia. Her problem wasn’t cleared even when she was treated in her first year.

Her father Sindhe Chandram in spite of a poor financial condition tried to sustain the girl through medication. A corporate hospital after checking her condition promised complete health to the child but said the treatment would be expensive.

Chandram wrote a letter to the Chief Minister and posted it in Facebook seeking financial assistance. The matter was brought to the notice of Harish Rao who immediately called the father to his minister quarters. After looking at the reports, he promised all the financial help needed for the treatment.

By then Akshaya was in a critical condition in Niloufer hospital. Harish Rao directed the child to be shifted to Banjara Hills Care Hospital. Akshaya’s treatment started in the third week of August and Rs 4 lakh expenses for the treatment was released from the CM’s Relief Fund by Harish Rao.

The doctors restored her lungs and put a stent to her heart. Akshaya recovered and was discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Akshaya’s father Chandram said that he is deeply indebted to minister Harish Rao for his timely help. He said when no one came to his assistance, Harish Rao with a humanitarian attitude came to their rescue and released the required funds. He acclaimed Harish Rao to be a God for helping poor people like him.