In a shocking revelation, it has been found that the state exchequer is heavily burdened paying annual salaries to the government employees. Owing to the Chief Minister KCR's frequent announcements of salary hikes and incentives, the state exchequer is cringing under the burden of paying its own representatives. 

When the state was formed in 2014, the annual salary bill accounted for Rs 18,400 crore. Following the division, KCR promised government employees to award them for their support to the formation of the statehood. He announced a 43% fitment for 3 lakh employees and 1.5 lakh pensioners in March 2015 to be paid with effect from June 2014. 

The annual salary, thus, crossing the Rs 30,000 crore benchmark. However, that did not  stop KCR from further announcements. He announced a 44 percent fitment for 57,000 RTC staff, increasing the burden on the state by Rs 800 crore. Apart from this, he also announced a 'special Telangana increment' in recognition of their active role in the statehood agitation, which further levied a cost of Rs 570 crore on the state. 

Also, four DAs were announced for employees, which accounted for nearly 500 crore. Salary hikes for contract lecturers, VROs, VRAs, anganwadi workers, and ASHA workers were also announced. This amounted to a burden of another 450 crore. The salaries of Cabinet ministers, MLCs, MLAs and public representatives were also increased, which imposed a burden of nearly 30 crore per year. Thus, half of the government revenues are going in payment of salaries, leaving little or no room for welfare and development schemes.