It must have been a difficult journey for Sayeeda's 16-year old daughter or for that matter 10 year-old girl Ameena who was sold off to a 60-year-old Sheikh for a meagre Rs 5,000. Yes, their lives are worth thousands only. However, while human rights activists blame the brokers or 'matchmakers' of these young brides alone, it is to be seen how well the police and the parents played their roles in this nexus of alleged flesh trade.

Telengana has a very complicated mesh of flesh trade brokers and they are affluent too. Needless to say, the brokers get away with anything they do. Even the police is helpless. It is to be noted that most of these brokers have been found involved in multiple cases. This came to light when a woman Sayeeda alleged that her 16-year old daughter was fraudulently sold off to a Sheikh in Amman, without her consent. The marriage was allegedly performed three months ago and the Arab National paid off Rs 5 lakh for the girl. Sayeeda complained that the Omani now demands the money back if Sayeeda wants her daughter. 

Speaking to the Deccan Chronicle, a social activist Jameela Nishath said, "Most of the families are very poor and do not follow up the cases with the police. In most of the cases either the brokers do not adhere to court summons or the police fail to file charge-sheets in time. The brokers are very affluent and hire expensive lawyers and get away scot-free." Explaining the modus operandi of the brokers, she said that the brokers intimate their counterparts in Arab to look for prospective clients there and inform them about the availability and 'fix the marriage'. 

Majlis Bachao Tehreek leader Amjedullah Khan said, "If the brokers’ activities are monitored, will they repeatedly get involved in such crimes? Unless the network of the middlemen and agents is broken, this exploitation will continue unabated." The main clients these brokers have include rich Arabs from Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries in the Middle East. Recent additions to the list also include Somalians and Nigerians. It has also come to light that while the 'marriage' is being solemnised, a divorce document is also signed without the parents' knowledge (given the fact that most of them are illiterate). These documents are lkater sent by post to the families, once the foreign national leaves the city. 

While activists continue to blame the police for not being able to crack down on the nexus, the cops believe otherwise. According to the police, there has been a considerable decline in such cases as the Qazis and the brokers are watched upon constantly. In fact, some of the qazis have also started informing the police about any such dubious marriage that is being solemnised. DCP (south) V. Satyanarayana said, "part from keeping a watch on the offices of Qazis, we have started awareness campaigns with the help of women groups. Now, a police team frequently visits the houses of brokers and keeps a record of their activities."

Meanwhile, Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi said that she would request External Affairs minister Maneka Gandhi to rescue Sayeeda.