Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao knows when to woo the public and change their hearts with his actions. His small humble action won over the hearts of his people again.

Recently, KCR faced the wrath of his people when he rudely commented on TJAC (Telangana Joint Action Committee) chairman Prof Kodandaram. KCR who was always appreciated for his war of words, faced negative publicity due to his comments on Kodandaram even from his party cadre.

 But his recent act has restored the respect his men had for him. KCR, on Wednesday, participated in the first anniversary of Siddipet district formation, where he became nostalgic recalling his tryst to make Siddipet a district, since the days of former CM of united Andhra Pradesh NT Ramarao.  He remembered his teachers at Dubbak Government School Mrutyunjaya Sharma and Ganne Balreddy, who imparted Telangana ideology in him.

But what touched the hearts of the people was when on his way to Siddipet, KCR gave a pleasant surprise to his childhood friends Anji Reddy and Jahangir by stopping his convoy at the Mulugu highway when he saw them.

KCR stopped for a while to chat with his friends and then took them along with him in his convoy to Siddipet. The CM’s gesture not only surprised his friends but also the officials and locals alike.