Telangana CM KCR calls Sircilla Electricity Board officials 'useless fellows'. But why?

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 6:04 PM IST
Telangana CM KCR slams Sircilla Electricity Board officials
  • Telangana CM KCR is known for his satirical remarks
  • This time it was targeted against Sircilla  Electricity Board officials
  • A power cut during his speech in Sircilla led him to call Electricity officials as ‘useless fellows’

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is known for his satirical remarks targeting people who face his wrath. He lost his temper during a meeting in Sircilla when power failed midway in his speech.

 KCR for the first time visited Sircilla district on Wednesday after its formation as a district. He laid foundation stones for the construction of collector complex, integrated superintendent of police office, a park and a group work shed after which he addressed the gathering.

During his address there was a power failure and CM KCR lost his temper and called the Electricity Board officials ‘useless fellows’. Then he recovered his poise and commented that there has been no power failure in the entire Telangana State and enquired the people if they faced the problem.

When the reply came negative, he further said that ‘useless fellows’ must be working in Sircilla and asked the people to take care of those ‘useless fellows’.

The Electricity Board officials were hurt by KCR’s remarks as it wasn’t their mistake for the power failure. The meeting was held in a Junior college and electricity cables were removed from the premises for security purpose. The meeting was being conducted on generator and there happened to be a glitch during KCR’s speech.

Sircilla gained by the CM’s visit though as he sanctioned Rs 130 crore on the spot for the construction of minor lift irrigation schemes in Sircilla district. The CM also sanctioned Rs 20 lakh each for 211 village panchayats, Rs 5 lakh each for 123 hamlets and 60 Tandas in the district for the developmental works. This apart, CM agreed to give Rs 25 lakh each for newly created four mandals.