The Rachakonda police have announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for anyone who traces Amboji Naresh, husband of Tummala Swathi who committed suicide after releasing a selfie suicide video. Naresh, hailing from the Yadadri Bhongir district in Telangana, is accused of instigating Swathi to commit suicide. Although his father claims that Swathi committed suicide under the pressure of her parents, Swathi's suicide video clarifies that it was Naresh and his family members who had caused her death.

It so happened that 20-year-old Swathi and 23-year-old Naresh eloped in March and married in Mumbai. Swathi had returned to her hometown after her father's repeated requests. Swathi committed suicide in her parent's house on May 6, just days before she was to appear before the court. Naresh, meanwhile, had gone missing after dropping his wife at her place on May 2. 

Venkataiah, Naresh father had moved the HC on May 15 and filed a habeas corpus petition, following which the court had ordered the Telangana police to either find Naresh or file a detailed report of the incident by June 1. Following this, the police had also distributed posters of the boy to trace him. Meanwhile, Venkataiah, Naresh's father, alleged that he was kidnapped and murdered by Swathi's parents. But, a selfie suicide video by Swathi that resurfaced recently changed the course of events.

In the video, Swathi alleges that she is committing suicide because of her husband and his family members who kept on pestering her for dowry. She said, "the reason I'm attempting suicide, is because of the boy's side of the family. My family is not related to it in any way." She also stated that her father never raised her voice on her even after she returned and that it was Naresh who pushed her to this edge. Swathi's father, Srinivas, also confirmed that he did not know about the whereabouts of Naresh and alleged that his own family was hiding him to harass Swathi's family. 


(Attached is the file photo of Naresh)