As if the earlier twists and turns in the unfulfilled love story of Swathi and Naresh were not enough, the resurfacing of a letter written by Naresh brings further confusion to the incident. This came after a video of Swathi resurfaced where she claimed that she was harassed by her husband's family. 

In the letter, however, Naresh describes how much both of them loved each other and couldn't live without each other. Naresh also reveals in the letter how Swathi had called him at night and informed him that she was leaving her home. He wrote, "As she left her home for me, I am also leaving the house for her.  She left her house many times for me. She can’t stay without me. If I leave her at her home, she will commit suicide."

He also mentioned how much he loves her and is even ready to die for her. He further wrote, "for that reason, I will travel how much far it may and live with her. This has nothing to do with her family or my family. We can’t live without each other." He also revealed how Swathi had come a long way to meet him and that he had foolishly handed her over to her father. He also wrote, "it is foolish to leave her like that. She left her family thinking that I am her life and I cannot deceive  her by leaving her.”