Student's suspicious suicide sparks violence in Telangana college

First Published 19, Sep 2017, 7:15 PM IST
Students suspicious suicide sparks violence in Telangana college
  • Vijayawada Narayana student Eswar Reddy died in mysterious circumstances on Sunday evening
  • The dead body has injury marks
  • Student groups agitated in the college premises on Monday
  • The college management declared holidays from Monday and closed the institute

The mysterious death of a student of Narayana Junior College has sparked violence. The college administration claims that P Eswar Reddy's death is a suicide but the parents and students allege it to be a murder as there were marks of thrashing all over his body.

Sakshi reports that more than 1700 students angry with the college management vandalised the college, broke buildings’ mirrors and furniture while chanting slogans against the college.

The college declared Dasara holidays and closed the institute. This incident occurred in Narayana Junior College Gudavalli branch on the outskirts of Vijayawada. A Junior Inter student committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his residential hostel room on Sunday evening. 16-year-old P Eswar Reddy from Manchikarli village in Guntur district was allegedly manhandled by his physics lecturer in the afternoon.

Various student organisations like SFI and YSRCP students wing agitated before the college on Monday and demanded for the suspension of Minister Narayana from the State Cabinet. They questioned as to why Education Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao did not respond to the incident and demanded for the cancellation of Narayana College recognition.

Eswar Reddy attended classes on Sunday morning and wrote the weekend exams conducted in the afternoon. So how can he commit suicide in the evening? Why did Eswar Reddy go to hostel when every student is in the class? Why didn’t the faculty and principal check on the student if he had gone to hostel?

Though the college administration found the body of Eswar at 4:45 pm in the evening, why didn’t they intimate his parents? The parents came to know of his death only when Eswar’s friends called and informed them at 8:00 pm. Why is there no letter if it was a suicide? These are all the unanswered questions that are being asked by the family and friends of Eswar.

The police have registered a case under Section 174 (unnatural death) as said by CI Sridhar Babu. There are marks of beatings on his body and some students allege that one lecturer beat him. The cause of death can be known only in the post mortem report.

Eswar Reddy’s parents Mallareddy and Mangamma say that Eswar is a sharp student and is not a coward to commit suicide.