Politicians have their beliefs and disbeliefs, whims and fancies, some more than the others. The recent political leaders seem to have developed their own sense of beliefs and sentiments including Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Andhra Pradesh CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Both are looking at auspicious time, vastu and astrology before every prominent task they take up.

KCR has a strong belief in numerology and he considers Number 6 as his lucky number. His vehicle, phone and every part of his daily life is attached to 6 or numbers equivalent to 6. His every political strategy is also linked with number 6 even when he stepped into Delhi for separate Telangana and when he succeeded in winning the elections in the newly formed Telangana.

This numerology belief is also followed by his family who also prefer to use number 6. KCR’s son K Taraka Ramamrao, daughter Kavitha and nephew Harish Rao, everyone see to it that their cars and phones have number 6. This doesn’t stop here; KCR’s PAs, PROs, gunmen, and his every employee are also running after 6.

Another prominent political figure in Telangana, TDP (Telugu Desam Party) working president Revanth Reddy has his belief rooted in Number 9. His car, phone and everything should be 9 or equivalent to 9. Similarly Revanth is planning to step into Delhi with number 9 according to his followers.

Rumours say that Revanth Reddy is ready to defect TDP and join Congress and that he had chosen December 9 as the auspicious date for joining Congress. There are two prominent reasons for choosing that date and one being his lucky number 9. The other is that December 9 is the day in which Congress announced the news of separate Telangana.

Since Telangana and December 9 share a close bond, Revanth has chosen that date to join Congress in order to show to KCR that Telangana has been achieved because of Congress and not because of his two MP seats. Revanth’s strategy is to bring back the glory of Congress once again to Telangana.

Revanth Reddy met Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi On Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 pm and discussed about his date of joining Congress and his position in the party. Media started to publish stories about Revanth’s proposed change of party.

Though Revanth contradicted his leaving TDP to join Congress, Telangana Congress leaders are eagerly waiting for Revanth to join Congress and bring a new glory to the diminishing glow.