The effect of demonetisation seems to be long standing among the middle class in the country as they still struggle for cash in ATMs. However, there are states that show the way even in these trying times, setting an example of how the effects can be overturned. Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have registered close to 39 crore e-transactions till date since the inception of demonetisation on November 9, 2016. In fact, Telangana alone recorded Rs 20 crore in e-transactions during this period.

The two states topped the country even in e-transactions per 1,000 population. Tracked by the Union ministry of electronics and information technology to analyse the increase in the number of cashless transactions since the announcement of demonetisation, the numbers make a bigger difference when it is compared with Gujarat which has more population than these two states. Telangana's total population is 3,51,93,978 and the number of e-transactions recorded was 20,04,11,513. On the basis of that, the e-transaction per 1,000 people was the highest in this state at 5,694.

While Telangana topped it all, AP stood second with 19,16,17,298 e-transactions in a population of 4,94,71,55. The e-transaction per thousand population too was the highest in the country with 3,873. 

Gujarat, surprisingly, stood third because of its population and a lesser recorded number of e-transactions per thousand, standing at 3,333, which is the third highest in the country.

Some of the other states, which have higher e-transaction rates include Tamil Nadu (13,53,98,453) and  Uttar Pradesh (14,78,64,658). However, their e-transaction per thousand was comparatively lower at 1846 and 740 respectively. 

Expressing his happiness over the progress, IT minister K.T Rama Rao said, "We have conducted programmes in all districts to create awareness among the people on adopting e-transactions following demonetisation. All payments to beneficiaries of welfare schemes have been made online. The public distribution system is also being made cashless with the introduction of swiping machines. All major government services are being offered in online mode. All these measures paid off, encouraging cashless transactions."