A rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad is in the news for ill-treating a young woman inmate. In a display of inhumane behaviour, a woman was found naked and chained in the centre.

‘Aram Ghar’, a rehabilitation centre opened with an aim to serve those who are abandoned and elderly persons is acting against its objectives. At least one of the cases seem to be proving it. Renuka, the victim who was allegedly being molested at the ‘Arm Ghar’, has been abandoned by the family and is being kept in chains at the centre.

Renuka has told ANI that she wants to go back to her parents and be happy. “A person comes at night and touches me. But I cannot do anything or catch him because it is dark and there is no light in the room.” Reacting to the girl’s allegations, Basha, Superintendent of Aram Ghar has told that the girl is mentally not stable and her mood changes now and then.

“She behaves properly for some time, and after a while, she suddenly grows wild. She was admitted here by the police in December 2014. I have asked the staff not to chain her, but the maid still keeps her in chains,” he said.

It looks like the superintendent is trying to say that he has no control over what is happening inside ‘Aram Ghar’. However, in a shocking revelation, a senior psychiatrist Dr Prasad Rao said that the girl doesn’t even look like she has any mental issues. This statement came after watching the video footages of the Aram Ghar.

“How can they claim that she is mentally retarded? We do not even chain the patients suffering from mental problems even in the extreme conditions,” Rao said ANI.

The Supreme Court in April had asked the Centre to frame guidelines to rehabilitate those who have been cured of their mental illness. This decision was taken by a bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar.