Social welfare department’s negligence in Anantapur leads to pending files

First Published 13, Oct 2017, 11:42 AM IST
Social welfare departments negligence in Anantapur leads to pending files
  • Some employees in the Social Welfare Department are never seen in the offices
  • Their seats are always found empty leading to Dalit students suffering

Office of the Social Welfare Deputy Director in Pennar Bhavan Anantapur is close to the Collector’s office but the staff is inefficient and negligent in performing their duties leading to many files being pending and as a result many issues of the SCs remain unsolved (Schedule Caste).

The office has a Deputy Director, District officer, two Superintendents, six Senior Assistants, one Senior Account Officer, three Junior Assistants, Record Assistants, three typists, one Data Processing Operator, one Data entry operator, four attenders, one watchman and one Assistant Account Officer.

Members of the SC community in the whole district of Anantapur come to this office daily to get their work done. This office looks into the welfare schemes of the SCs like, inter-caste marriages, scholarship, fee reimbursement problems and works of employees working in hostels.

Though the office working hours are from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm, some employees are found leisurely arriving after 12 pm and are rarely found in their seat. The higher officials cast a blind eye to their doings but their colleagues expressed their discontentment over the files piling up and pending works mounting.

The students and the people requested the higher officials to take matters into their hands and to see that the staff came on time. Both DD Rosanna and District Officer Lakshma Nayak, they were not available for an explanation.