Kukunooprally sub-inspector P Prabhakar Reddy was found dead on his chair amidst the poll of blood on June 14. The death was termed as suicide as he was found with the revolver and died of a gunshot. However, experts say that usually when a person commits suicide sitting on the chair, he is bound to have fallen on the ground. But inspector’s boy was in the seated position.

Another fact giving rise to doubts is that his body was moved to Siddipet Government Hospital on Wednesday even as the people staged a protest against removing the body. An autopsy was conducted on Thursday morning, and video of the autopsy was also recorded. This happened under the watchful eyes of Gajewal RDO Vijayender Reddy.

Details on the case are awaited, but there is a social media buzz that the murder is being made to look like a suicide.

In another suicide case, where the body of beautician was found hanging from her office at Film Nagar in Hyderabad has been linked to the death of SI Reddy.

But victim beautician Sirisha’s husband and her mother have claimed that there were wounds on her body, and it could be murder. There are also rumours that the SI Reddy had made sexual advances towards her a day before her death.

So, far nothing in this regard is proved, but there is a string argument that both cases might not be suicide as they look in the first instance.

More details will be available once the postmortem report comes out and further probe is conducted.