Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his scintillating and sharp-edged posts in social media on contemporary issues. Now his Tweets on much acclaimed and anticipated visit of American President Donald Trumps’ daughter Ivanka Trump, who is here to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit from November 28-30, have raised many eyebrows.

His series of posts on the event, comparing Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Ivanka’s beauty, linking them to Nandi Awards are scandalous and entertaining. Here’s a glimpse of his tweets:

“I will take a bet that if Ivanka Trump and KCR stand next to each other no one will look at Ivanka. She might be arrogantly thinking that she’s very beautiful but she will be shocked when she see’s KCR who is more beautiful than her.”

“I think Ivanka Trump should be given 3 special jury Nandi awards for the best international figure, Best wholesome family beauty and above all Miss World Leader.”

“I am too illiterate to understand the ramifications of the global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad, But if she’s the principal advisor to the dumbest president ever then I don’t understand why she should be considered smart enough to head an event like this ...but having said that I admit she’s got an awesome figure much better than any of the other leaders attending the summit.”

“I think all mosquito infected areas in Hyderabad should petition Ivanka Trump to come to their areas so that government will demolish mosquitoes in their areas too.”

“If Ivanka Trump was fat and ugly would there have been so much hungama? ...Just asking.”