Despite working for more than 12 years, many doctors are getting ‘meagre salaries’ which is demoralising many. In fact, in few cases, the salaries of doctors are half of what is being paid to the other staffs, reported the Times of India.

At the Osmania Medical College and Osmania General Hospital, the pay scale of associate professor is between ₹15,600 to ₹39,100 whereas the salary scale of stenotypists is between ₹16,400 to ₹49,870, reported the national daily. The pay scenario is somewhat similar to this in many reputed government hospitals in Hyderabad as well as other cities in the state. 

The reason behind this shocking pay scale discrepancy is the partial implementation of UGC pay scales. Around a decade ago, the then Government Doctors Association agreed to this salary scale but it has not been implemented fully. Also, every 10 years the UGC pay scale is revised therefore the agreement between the then association and state government has proved to be futile to the doctors in government college hospitals.

At present, the government doctors are not getting their patient allowance, rare specialty allowance, academic allowance, overtime allowance, post-mortem allowance, risk allowance, conveyance allowance, emergency duty allowance, overtime allowance and a whole lot of other allowance under the UGC pay scale.  

Though the state government revised the salaries of state government employees two years back yet, it benefitted the hospital staff and not the government doctors. Despite being state government officials, the salaries of doctors’ working in medical college hospitals are paid as per the UGC scale whereas those government doctors who do not work in medical colleges are given salary as per state government’s pay scale.   

If the doctors are paid the total salary as per the UGC scale, the amount would be double of what they are getting now; the TOI quoted the president of Osmania unit II of Telangana Government Doctors Association, Dr Manish Gupta, as saying.  Apart from the salary related discrepancy, there is also delay in promotions causing much difficulty among the doctors.