Levying GST on KCR’s tongue will curb his lies: Renuka Choudhary

First Published 20, Nov 2017, 5:30 PM IST
Levying GST on KCR tongue will curb his false words says Renuka Choudhary
  • Telangana Congress senior leader Renuka Choudhary lashes out at Telangana CM KCR
  • She suggests levying GST on KCR’s tongue to curb his false words
  • She alleged that KCR family is the only one enjoying the golden status

Telangana Congress Rajya Sabha member and senior leader Renuka Choudhary criticised chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his false information in the Assembly session. She said levying Goods and Service Tax on his tongue will curb his lies.

Speaking to the media on Monday she criticised that people in Telangana are selling their mangalasutras and KCR claim that Telangana is a Golden Telangana.

She alleged that there is no glimpse of a golden Telangana but it is only KCR’s family which has become golden family. She also suggests levying GST on everyone propagating lies.

She accused the government of selling fake seeds and has not taken any action against the fake seeds companies.

She said that everything the CM is claiming in the Assembly is false.