Telangana State Health Medical and Family Welfare Minister Charlakola Laxma Reddy speaking at the Farmer Coordination Samithi in Mahboobnagar said that farmers suffered the utmost in the united Andhra Pradesh.

He said that famers became labourers under the black landlords and suffered more under their rule than the British rule. He remarked that the golden era started for the farmer once Telangana became a separate state. He said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has proved that farmer is the true king.

“KCR had organised farmer coordination samithis and is also legalising them. Farmers are already receiving 24 hours power and the lakes are overflowing with water because of Mission Kakatiya and providing irrigation water through projects. If Palamarru-Rangareddy Ethipotala projects completes, then Mahboobnagar district will flourish with greenery. Kalvakurti Ethipotala water is being diverted to fields,” he said.