In the third phase of Telangana Joint Action Committee’s (TJAC) ‘Amarula Spoorthi Yatra’ (Martyrs Inspiration Tour) the Chairman Professor Muddasani Kodandaram,  directly attacked the discrepancies and deficiencies of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. He targeted KCR’s farmhouse saying that it is the centre of his luxurious life. He criticised the CM of not bothering to come out of his farmhouse to enquire about the problems of the people.

After the evolution of Telangana as a separate state, the Telangana government didn’t see the need for TJAC and tried to dissolve it. It pulled out the employees union out of TJAC. But TJAC Chairman Kodandaram was confident that TJAC would work at any cost.

TJAC acts as the main opposition of the government in a state where there is no active opposition. In the first year of Telangana government, TJAC submitted reports and memorandums, it then started criticism, which then took the form of questioning. Now it came to the stage of directly attacking the government.

The first two Amarula Spoorthi Yatras were a success for the TJAC as the people supported the yatras. The first was in Harish Rao’s fort- Sangareddy to Siddipet. The second phase was in K Taraka Ramarao’s fort Sirisilla. With the success of the two yatras, TJAC started its third phase of yatra in Gajwel, the fort of KCR.

The Gajwel yatra was a heated one with Kodadaram directly attacking KCR. He criticised that after Telangana became a state, KCR bought 80 acres of land but took away 80,000 acres of land from the poor. He also criticised that KCR is not bothered about the affairs of the state but is always found in his farmhouse.

The Gajwel Spoorthi yatra was a huge success even though the police tried to stop people from participating in the yatra. Multitudes attended Kodandaram’s meeting and professed their support. The TJAC is now planning a fourth phase of the Amarula Spoorthi Yatra.