Being a policeman, even a traffic cop, is a thankless job. Some of them become so desensitised to people's woes that they are looked down upon by public.

But this traffic policeman's gesture to a homeless woman will restore your faith in the police force.

Kukatpally Traffic Police Station home guard B Gopal was on his duty when he spotted an elderly woman, Buchamma, sitting on the road under a tree. He offered tea and some food to her seeing her all alone. But when he saw she was unable to eat, he decided to feed the old lady with his own hands.

As per reports, the Hyderabad cop said that he had been noticing the lady at the same spot from past three days. 

The old lady has allegedly been abandoned by her sons. After listening to her story from a shopkeeper he decided to buy her food and feed her himself.

The Hyderabad police’s PRO shared a photo of this, which quickly went viral. It earned him praise from several quarters, including the Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar and Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy. They also thanked him for showing the department in the positive light.