Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao plans to lure certain communities by bestowing his love with welfare schemes and also orders the same to his ministers and MLAs in the Cabinet meeting.

In the recent Cabinet meeting which commenced after a long time and lasted for more than seven hours, KCR spoke in detail about the issues to attract the people. He said everyone knows what the opposition Congress and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) will raise in the Assembly but asked his MLAs to study and be prepared on the issues which are answerable to the people.

According to reliable sources, KCR asked his leaders to concentrate on certain communities like the SCs, STs and hereditary caste professions who are attracted to social organisations to solve their problems and are actively agitating against the government. KCR asked his leaders to take government welfare schemes to the people explaining them as to what they are intended for and what its benefit is.

KCR cautioned his leaders not to look down upon anyone, but analyse as to whom the community is leaning on and work accordingly. KCR also spoke about the recent goat and fish supply scheme, assistance to milk suppliers, budget allocation to Nayi Brahmins and MBCs.

The political analysts opine that KCR concentrated on the villages from now to win the next year’s Panchayat Raj elections and the later 2019 General elections.