Jayaprakash Narayan responds to Kancha Ilaiah controversy

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 4:50 PM IST
Jayaprakash Narayan responds to Kancha Ilaiah controversy
  • Dalit writer and political thinker Kancha Ilaiah’s book has become a controversy, dividing people on the basis of caste
  • Whoever supports or disproves the book are categorised into anti- and pro-Dalit or ant- or pro-Vysya
  • This seems to be the predicament that Lok Satta leader Jayaprakash Narayan is in as he disproved of Ilaiah generalising an economic issue

Lok Satta supremo Jayaprakash Narayan is considered to be one of the most honest and intellectual politicians in the country as he is renowned for his impartial opinions on various issues. He was a former IAS and is a social activist who works for social development.

He always expresses his impartial opinion on contemporary issues and in this context he expressed his view on Kancha Ilaiah’s book ‘Samajika Smaglarlu Komotollu’ (Arya-Vysyas are social smugglers).

JP opined that Ilaiah was wrong in writing a book hurting the sentiments of a particular caste as it is not right to hurt any religion or caste with one’s writings.

But will his impartial opinion be categorised in that way as whenever a controversial issue arises in the country, it divides the nation based on caste and religion and there are very few who see the issue in the way it needs to be seen.

Critics said that the character of a person is based on their nativity, experiences and circumstances surrounding their growth and not based on region, religion or caste.

The case seems to differ where Kancha Ilaiah’s book is considered as the divide is between pro- and anti-Vysya or pro-and anti-Dalit.

Will JP be categorised similarly or would his opinion put a stop to the burning controversy? Time will only tell.