Telangana Joint Action Committee under Prof M Kodandaram had been seeking permission from the Telangana police for the meet to resolve issues of unemployment. The agitation called ‘Koluvula Kotlata’ was not given permission by the police because of security reasons. 

JAC filed a petition in the High Court seeking its intervention. The High Court ordered the police to issue permission for the meet and finally it will take place on December 4 in Saroor Nagar Stadium from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Since the formation of Telangana State, there had been no employment in the state. Telangana government failed to recruit people and announce government jobs. There has not been one recruitment since 2014.

When the unemployed tried to organise a meeting, the police declined permission on the grounds of naxal involvement. This controversial statement by Home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy was decried by the unemployed.

So the JAC came forward to have the ‘Koluvula Kotlata’ and finally received permission to have the meet.