Hyderabad is gearing up for the American President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump. With high security in place, beautification of the city underway, now Hyderabad is getting ready to impress the US President’s daughter with tantalising local cuisine.

Hyderabad is famous for the Nizam’s culinary dishes like haleem, biryani, sheek kebab, mutton marag, Moghlai chicken, bagara baingan, mutton kofta, khubani-ka-meetha, dry fruits kheer among other delicacies.

Ivanka along with the dignitaries and delegates participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit from November 28 to 30 will be given a taste of these mouth-watering dishes.

Falaknuma Palace will be the host for dinner on the evening of November 28 with the historical 101 dinner table being laden with more than 30 American and Hyderabad dishes.

Chefs from Hyderabad along with Ivanka’s personal Food and Beverages team and eight members of the chef and menu committee will be preparing the dinner. One day prior to the dinner, all the dishes would be prepared for the food tasters who will see whether the quantity of spices and ingredients to be used are suitable for Ivanka’s palate.

The tasters will again taste the dishes one hour before they are served for dinner and also collect a small quantity of each food item to test for allergies.

Ivanka’s favourite American starters will be served along with the Hyderabad dishes and the ingredients for the cuisine will be imported directly from America. Indian chefs are going for special and fresh spices. The storeroom of the ingredients will be under the American security.