Ilaiah, Vysya controversy surround Telangana Congress

First Published 3, Oct 2017, 4:59 PM IST
Ilaiah Vysya controversy surround Telangana Congress
  • Telangana Congress was dragged into the Ilaiah and Arya-Vysya community controversy
  • Ilaiah’s book calling Vysya community as social smugglers has created fa furore among the community in Telugu states
  • Recently a Telangana Congress leader came in support of the Dalit writer which further angered the Vysya community

Prominent Dalit writer and intellectual Kancha Ilaiah’s book ‘Samajika Smaglarlu Komatollu’ (Arya-Vysyas are Social Smugglers) has sparked fire in the Arya-Vysya community in Telugu States which is still agitating and demanding the banning of his book. The book was also trolled by other communities and political leaders.

This led to many discussions and counter discussions with most of the political leaders alienating themselves from the controversy. Support of one community would alienate the leaders from other communities and so the leaders are playing mum at the moment.

But unexpectedly Telangana congress leaders responded in support of Ilaiah and a key leader of Telangana Congress said that they are in support of the Dalit leader and condemned the attacks on him.

This open support of Ilaiah by the Telangana Congress threw its party in the midst of a broil with the Arya-Vysya community targeting Congress for their support to the Dalit leader. They expressed that this hurt the sentiments of their community and wrote a letter to Telangana Congress Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy to bring pressure on the government in banning the book.

The Telangana Congress is in a dilemma as to their next step in this fresh event.

Kancha Ilaiah is an outspoken political philosopher who has authored several books including ‘Why I am not a Hindu,’ ‘Buffalo Nationalism Post-Hindu India,’ ‘Untouchable God’ among many others.