Hyderabadi Qazi's secret diary reveals horrifying truth about human trafficking

First Published 8, Oct 2017, 5:20 PM IST
Hyderabadi Qazis secret diary reveals horrifying truth about human trafficking
  • The Qazi had phone numbers of women brokers and clients in his diary.
  • He also had details of clients from GCC countries.
  • The Qazi also arranged for the fooding and lodging of his clients.

A diary seized from the office of Qazi Ali Abdullah Rifai alias Volta Qazi has revealed horrifying truths about sex trade in the name of marriages in the city. The diary contained details and phone numbers of women, possibly brokers, and the contact details of clients in the Middle East. 

Speaking to the Deccan Chronicle, police said that they would be gathering the telephonic conversations between the Qazi and the other parties. The diary was confiscated during a raid by a police team, led by Mohamed Tajuddin Ahmed, ACP Falaknuma.

The Qazi had not only solemnised illegal marriages, but had also co-ordinated between parties and arranged for his clients' accommodation and flight tickets. He is also said to have noted down flight details from Hyderabad to GCC countries. The incident has come to light amid the recent spate in illegal marriages being conducted in the city where young girls are married off to Sheikhs double their age for a few thousand rupees. 

The modus operandi of the circuit involved Qazis contacting brokers for possible 'brides' and then approaching her parents to convince them for marriage. The clients from Middle East were then contacted and arrangements were made for them to visit the city and get married at the cost of a few thousands. While the parents of the brides were given a small portion, the rest of the money was distributed between the Qazi and the brokers.