When the 26-year-old Hyderabadi woman flipped the Postcard to see what her husband had sent her, then she cried out in surprise. From that pale yellow piece of postcard paper jumped three words – Talaq. Talaq. Talaq. Her husband was arrested after the news gathered steam.


38-year-old Mohammed Haneef married 26-year-old woman on March 9. The couple had a tiff and the man distraught from the fight, drank mosquito repellent and it was then that he sent the Triple talaq postcard.


Reports say the man has accused his wife of ‘ridiculing him’ and now the police has arrested him on charges of ‘harassing’ his wife.


We have heard of talaq over email, talaq over the phone, talaq over skype, the latest - talaq over Whatsapp and now this is something almost bordering on the ridiculous – Talaq by Postcard!


The decision and ruling on the usage of the Triple Talaq it is still pending in Supreme Court. The court taken up complaints of gender discrimination suffered by Muslim women because of this Personal Law, and it  said it would decide issues pertaining to legal aspects of the practices and not interfere with the issue of Uniform Civil Code.