After the Tamil Nadu chapter of Forum for IT Employees (FITE) sought state government intervention in the matter concerning sacking of 6000 by Cognizant Technology Solution, the Hyderabad wing has also filed a petition with labour commissioner of the state against ‘illegal layoffs’ in IT sector. 

The Forum filed the petition on May 9, and in its press release FITE stated alleged that ‘The profit motive of the IT companies to replace the highly paid experienced Employees with lesser experience/ low paid new recruits is leading to illegal terminations.’ Further, it stated that each company does this by quoting different reasons, such as employee’s performance or streamlining as per consumer demands.

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On its press release, the forum accused Cognizant of ‘illegally terminating thousands of employees by forcing them to submit resignation’.  The affected employees handed over a petition to the labour commissioner seeking Andra Pradesh / Telangana State Government’s intervention to protect the employee’s rights. 

In fact, layoff has become a common terminology in IT sector in India in the recent times. Big IT companies that once assured employees of job security and stable growth have been dropping hundreds and thousands of employees at a time. 

From automation to employee’s performance, all kinds of reasons have been given by the companies to reduce its workforce. Wipro, Tata Teleservices has cut down its workforce and reportedly even Infosys is cutting their workforce by huge numbers causing panic among IT professionals in the country. 

Meanwhile, FITE is working towards protecting the employee’s rights in IT sector, and two years back it succeeded in getting a stay from Madras high court on the sacking of TCS employees.