In the current time, the youth does have a craze for faster vehicles, especially superbikes. The sales of these superbikes have soared in Telangana and the Hyderabad police are not very happy about it. They are looking to cool things down for these youths, who will now have to follow certain guidelines to ride these high-powered bikes.


For riding these high cylinder capacity superbikes, one needs a lot of training and skills. But nowadays many of these young riders do not seem to have any. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 (MVA) also does not have any provision to check the sale of the superbikes.


“Why not increase the age for high cubic centimetres (cc) vehicles?” T Ranganath, deputy commissioner of police (traffic), Hyderabad, was quoted as saying by the New Indian Express.


“There is a need to segregate the bike licences for such bikes. There is a certain level of maturity needed to drive them, the MVA doesn’t address these issues,” Ranganath added.


India does not have any specific guidelines unlike America, where a rider actually has to buy a lot of equipment along with his bike.


“Suppose a person wishes to buy a superbike in America for instance, along with the bike the person will have to buy a lot of support equipment, such as a dotted helmet, an elbow guard etc,” Venkat Rao, president, Speedway Motor Sports Association said.