A 26-year old techie came up with a unique allegation against her husband.  In a complaint registered with the Cyberabad Cybercrime Police, she said that her husband had installed secret cameras all over the house, especially in her and her mother's and sister's rooms.

She alleged that he demanded from her family or threatened to leak the video of their movement on the Internet. He reportedly wanted the money to clear his debts. On investigating, the police seized his laptop and two high-end phones  and sent it for investigation.

The couple got married in February 2016 and since both of them worked in Hyderabad, they lived in the wife's parental home. Just a few months ago, she found him recalling what she was saying to her mother and her sister and what all three were doing in their respective rooms. Suspecting something, she checked all the rooms and found the cameras. When she confronted him, he said that he wanted money.

He allegedly went abroad on work and dismantled all the cameras before going. But by then, he had already shared whatever he had recorded with his father and brother. He, however, continued harassing his wife and her family after returning. Meanwhile, ACP Cybercrime S. Jayaram said that the content of the laptop and the mobile phones of the husband have been analysed, but nothing suspicious have been found. He further added, " We are verifying all angles. We have sent his laptop and mobiles for forensic analysis. If any incriminating evidence is found, we will take appropriate action."