The secrets that are tumbling out of Calvin Mascrenhas’ seized mobile phones have left the police and investigating officers shocked. Along with drugs, blackmail and pornography could also be added to his list of crimes.

For those who don’t know, Calvin was one of the major arrests made in the Hyderabad drug bust. A case, which has now widened to include, school children, businessmen and Tollywood celebrities, it made headlines because of the number of school children and college kids that figure in this list.

Calvin exploited the dark side of the Internet or as people call it the darknet or hidden marketplace online. It is the place where people like Calvin can indulge in shady deals and purchases without letting the cops on their tail. Calvin was a dealer in LSD,which he procured through his deals on the darknet. His ‘stuff’ used to be disguised as medicines and sent through local couriers and the postal service.

On grilling Calvin, police found that even the peddler could not ascertain the origin of his supply. However, what they did come to know was of the vast network of customers and peddlers he had created in the tech-savvy city.

A report in the Sakshi Post details how nude photos and videos of women and girls were found in a hidden folder on Calvin’s phone. On questioning, Calvin confessed that sometimes when his female customers were desperate for a dose of drug and did not have money to pay, they used to send them their nude pics and videos which he used to forward to a man named Daniel. Daniel has been on the run since Calvin was hauled off to jail. 

The revelation has certainly stunned many since it shows how serious the addiction has become among the younger crowd, that they would even resort to selling of their dignity and self-respect for a few doses of drugs.

Calvin’s phone also revealed a list of personal phone numbers of a lot of Telugu film stars and other biggies like actor Ravi Teja, director Puri Jagannadh, actress Charmee Kaur, among others. The Excise department has already issued notices to the names on his phone list to verify the connections.

IPS officer Akun Sabharwal is investigating the case and his presence and the arrests made have already sent some influential politicians and big names sweating and scurrying for cover. Earlier, while there were rumours he may be forced to go on leave due to political pressure, the Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has cancelled his leave, asking him to complete the investigation first and then take a vacation.