Trigger happy Indians seem to be on the rise. Take for example this Hyderabadi man who was so overjoyed that it was his birthday that he opened celebratory firing.

His quite daring and dangerous display of happiness was captured by bystanders and immediately uploaded for the world to see. Police are on the lookout for this young man. A report in The Hindu has quoted Station House Officer of Falaknuma Police Station as revealing that the student, Mirza Ibrahim Ali Beig of Jahanuma, fired about 12 rounds on May 5. Investigating into his background the police found that he was a student and was also helping his family manage a school they run.

Watch video below:

The police have registered a case under the Arms Act and police have condoned the action and said that even though he may have a licence for the revolver, the man would be arrested for endangering the lives of other people around him.

You may have heard of instances of celebratory firing in marriages in North India, especially Haryana, where gunshots during weddings or dance performances are a norm. Among those incidents you will also hear of the people getting injured and in some cases, killed even.