Who is to blame? Only two Wellness Centres in Hyderabad for 4 lakh employees

First Published 25, Sep 2017, 1:49 PM IST
How is to blame Only two Wellness Centres in Hyderabad for 4 lakh employees
  • State employees have to wait for days to meet a doctor at government-run centres.
  • There are only two wellness centres for some 7000 members of the families of the government employees.

Under  the Government Employee Health Scheme (EHS), the Telangana government has setup well-centres for the families of its employees. However, far from being a boon, the fact that the entire state has just two wellness, it has failed to be of use to the needy.

There are only two wellness centres in Hyderabad for 4 lakh employees and additional 7 lakhs of their families in the whole of Telangana. This means that the sick have to wait for days for consultation, tests and their reports.

The two wellness centres in the state has 1500 cases on an average per day. Due to the increase in number, doctor’s appointment is necessary for which the patients have to wait hours together. This is very problematic for patients coming from long distances as they had to find accommodation if the doctors suggest tests. The expenses for travel and accommodation have become all the more unbearable for the patients.

The Health Department authorities feel that the government’s scheme of free health for employees is meaningless when only two wellness centres are being organised by the government and that too only in Hyderabad. They are of the opinion that there is a need to establish theses wellness centres at the district levels for the convenience of the employees.

EHS CEO K Padma said, "Wellness centres will be established at every district in phases. We will immediately open the centres where there are buildings available. Medical services are available at the present wellness centres without any problem."

The first wellness centre was started on December 17, 2016 at Hyderabad Khairatabad while the second centre was started on February 2, 2017 at Vanasthalipuram. The centres provide free treatment, tests, reports and medicines.

The two wellness centres till date saw 1,75,175 patients and though the function of the wellness centres is commendable, the aim of the government is not fruitful as only two centres are available for 11 lakhs of employees and their families. Though the government ordered for Siddipet wellness centre, it was not established even after months and the rest of the districts suffer from the same fate.