Rao donated the jewellery at the famous hill shrine to express his gratitude to the Lord for materialising 'Telangana', the state for whose creation the TRS leader waged a prolonged movement. The Chief Minister was said to have taken a vow to make the offering following fulfilment of his dream of a separate Telangana state.


The court gave four weeks time for the Telangana advocate general to file a counter. Social activists Professor Kancha Ilaiah and G Ramudu filed the public interest litigation (PIL), complaining that KCR had spent around Rs 7 crore to offer variety of gold and silver ornaments to temples from the common good fund (CGF) of the state endowments department.


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It would not have been a matter of concern since it was a personal vow taken by KCR and his fulfilling it shows, he is a man of his word but that is not the case. This money has been taken under GO MS 23 (Government Order) which states that KCR had been granted this on behalf of the Endowments Department under the Government of Telangana from the Common Good Funds.


The order clearly details the Rs 5 crore worth gold has been sanctioned for offering at the Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Tirumala.