Gulf agent’s fraud leaves 40 young men in dire straits

First Published 18, Sep 2017, 5:56 PM IST
Gulf agents fraud leaves 40 young men in dire straits
  • Gulf agent with promise of employment cheated 40 unemployed youth in Telugu states
  • He sent the people to Dubai on a visit visa and after one month they were sent back saying no work
  • The people were unable to face family that are residing in Hyderabad and so they are doing odd jobs

40 people were cheated with the promise of employment in Dubai by an agency. The incident came to light when four victims filed a police complaint at the Korutla Police Station on Sunday.

Satish told Sakshi News, “The agent sent 40 people along with me to Dubai in April. We stayed there for a month after which they sent us back home saying there’s no work. Unable to go home and face our families, we are staying in Hyderabad and doing odd jobs. The agent has cheated us.”

According to victims Satish, Tirupathi, Ramesh and Yeliti Kumar, Gulf agent Kalva Sekhar from Gambhirpur village promised employment in Micro Seasons Supplies Catering Company in Dubai. Believing him, 40 unemployed from Kathalapur, Medipally, Malyala, Metpally, and Gollapalli in Jagithyala district, Armoor in Nizamabad district, Kamareddy district, Khammam and Vijayawada paid him Rs 50,000 each. The agent sent them to Dubai in April on a visit visa.

There were allotted two rooms in Dubai with 15-20 people sharing a room. They collected 1500 Dirhams (Rs 25,000) as security deposits for the company. After one month, they were unable to sustain themselves and returned home after asking their parents for return fare.

Akram from Khammam district and Rafi from Vijayawada unable to face their families are working doing odd jobs in Hyderabad. Another three young men are also working in Hyderabad since their families would be worried if they knew that they had been cheated.

Satish, Ramesh, Tirupathi and Kumar requested Korutla CI Rajasekhar Raju to take severe action against the agent for cheating them in the name of employment.