Customers at Las Vegas Diners at Kompally were in for a surprise yesterday when they found their ice cream being made Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K.T. Rama Rao.


KTR donned the ice cream maker’s hat following a directive from his father, KCR, to the party. On April 14, KCR announced that he would work as coolie for two days this week and earn money that will be used towards expenses of party functions.


KTR selecting ice cream to serve patrons at Las Vegas Diners, Kompally, Hyderabad


He also directed all ministers, legislators and party activists to work as labourers for two days. The earnings from the labour would be used towards expenses of party's annual conference.


All this is good, but normally how much would you pay for an a ice cream? Somewhere around Rs 20- Rs 350, depending on your order. But in the case of the minister KTR, all his ice creams sold for over a lakh.


According to Telangana Daily, Malkajgiri MP Ch. Malla Reddy bought ice cream worth Rs 5 lakh and TRS leader K. Srinivas Reddy made a purchase of Rs 1.30 lakh on Friday afternoon. Las Vegas Diners Managing Partner K. Sankeerth Reddy himself bought a juice for Rs 1 lakh.


So in total, KTR generated over Rs 7.30 lakh as funds for the party only by selling ice cream!