Groom uses pesticide to end his life

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 5:41 PM IST
Groom uses pesticide to end his life
  • Nagaraju was married just four days ago but on Wednesday, he committed suicide by consuming pesticide in LB Nagar
  • The details leading to his death are yet to be known

In a shocking incident a newly married groom consumed pesticide and ended his life on Wednesday shocking his family and friends.

According to police sources as reported in Sakshi, 29 year-old Nagaraju from Vayyillapalli in Yadadri district worked as a bus driver in Sphoorthi Engineering College in Nadergul. He was recently married on October 6th.

Nagaraju went to Bhongir to renew his driving licence and reached his room in LB Nagar Suryodhaya Colony on Tuesday night. His brother Lingaswamy living nearby spent the night with him and went to attend his duties on Wednesday.

Nagaraju called his father at 8:30 am on Wednesday asking them to be ready to bring his wife from her parents’ home. After some time when his father tried to reach him, his phone was switched off. His brother called up a nearby shopkeeper who went to Nagaraju’s room and found him unconscious after breaking open the door.

They dialled 108 who came and confirmed his death. Police are investigating the case and details of his death are yet to be known.