A newly-born baby girl was sold off by her father to a couple and he convinced his wife that her child died in childbirth. After two years, the mother comes to know her child is alive and now two mothers are fighting for that little girl.

According to police sources, Maloth Bhav Singh and Uma from Chinnakrishnapuram village in Garla mandal of Mahbubabad had a baby daughter in 2015.

Since it was their second daughter, Bhav Singh convinced his wife that their child died in childbirth and gave their child for adoption to Vemula Rajendra Prasad and Swaroopa from Yellandu.

Uma is still agonising over the death of their daughter and recently she accidentally came to know that her daughter is alive and that she was given up for adoption.

She questioned Swaroopa and demanded her to give their daughter Tanvitha back. The news reached ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) officials who took custody of the child. The tears of the child moved the mothers who are both heartbroken.

ICDS officials called both sets of parents for a counselling session on Tuesday.